IMF affirms Kosovo's 2017 GDP growth forecast at 3.5%

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According to the report, the key challenge confronting policymakers is to ensure that the buildup of financial vulnerabilities is contained while monetary policy remains supportive of the global recovery.

"This is no time for complacency".

Similarly, frontier market and low-income country borrowers should develop the institutional capacity to deal with risks from the issuance of marketable securities, including formulating comprehensive medium-term debt management strategies.

"This could put growth at risk in the future", Tobias Adrian, International Monetary Fund Financial Counsellor told journalists on the release of its important Global Financial Stability Report.

"Portfolio inflows to emerging markets economies are on track to reach $300 billion in 2017, more than twice the totals over the past two years. So, if you have continuing rise in debt, the interest payments would consume a large part of any revenue that you collect and you won't be able to use that revenue for the objectives of the economic growth and recovery programme like increasing growth and employment".

The latest World Economic Outlook (WEO) report has dedicated approximately one fifth of the report analysing the impacts that extreme weather effects and climate change will have on global economic activity.

This is according to the Bi-Annual Africa Pulse report of the bank which focuses on the economies of African countries, released yesterday in Washington DC.

"Moreover, the moderate pace of growth will only yield slow gains in per capita income that will not be enough to harness broad-based prosperity and accelerate poverty reduction", she said.

The IMF said emerging market economies should continue to take advantage of supportive external conditions to enhance their resilience, including by continuing to strengthen external positions where needed, and reduce corporate leverage where it is high.

The report also shows that International Bonds and equity flows in the region, especially to Nigeria, have increased and are helping to finance the current account deficits and cushion foreign reserves.

Al-Jamal said that the bank was committed to support the Federal Government to improve its water, roads, education and health infrastructure as well as other services to poor and vulnerable people.